Charmacy originated from a genuine love for and understanding of cosmetics. Our passion has inspired us to deliver a high-quality collection of luxurious and safe cosmetics, one that provides an innovative palette for creative self-expression.

It’s all about bringing artistry to life, by providing premium quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike – from professionals to inspired novices, without having to sacrifice payoff, performance and pigmentation.

And how do we do this? By manufacturing the pigments ourselves. With our prior background in OEM manufacturing, we not only bring experience and pedigree, but also the ability to innovate and introduce new colors. This ensures that the raw materials, and thereby the final product, are of a higher standard than what is currently on offer. We constantly challenge ourselves and the norms that govern the beauty industry.

Charmacy has teams of technocrats and specialists all over the world with our R&D centre at Shanghai, Milan, and Korea, and will soon establish one in India & Taiwan as well. This enables us to tap into a confluence of makeup trends and bring world cosmetic fashion to India.

Our inspiration?


People of all ages, all races and all genders with a passion for cosmetics.

Charmacy is for all.

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A Note to You

Hey you!

Yes, you.
You, who challenge the status quo.
You, who refuse to be stereotyped.
The beautiful, unapologetic, empowered you.

We’d like to celebrate you, and we’ve got your back.
We’re that friend that helps you put your best foot forward.
The one that inspires you to face the day.

We believe that makeup amplifies your inner confidence.
It should be effortless, with premium quality products without spending a fortune.
With rich pigments that are safe (we know, we make them for you)
Vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free… because you deserve the very best.

So, go ahead… flaunt your individuality.
You got this…
Charmacy for All


VeganMost of our products are 100% vegan… full disclosure: some of our lipsticks contain beeswax

Cruelty-freeNone of our products or individual ingredients are tested on animals

Colour We create rich pigments of the highest quality

Inclusive Our products are available in a wide range of shades

Paraben-freeWe steer clear of ingredients you don’t want on your face

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